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Bio Oil Reviews Stretch Marks

Bio Oil Reviews For Stretch Marks

When my daughter became pregnant, it was from her that I first heard about using Bio Oil to help deal with stretch marks.  She had a close friend called Pamela and she had recommended that my daughter use this as it had in her opinion stopped her getting the horrible stretch marks, commonly associated with pregnancy. 

My daughter did give it a go and although initially she thought the product was a bit expensive, she quickly realised it was also very good.

The manufacturers say it should be applied to the tummy,breasts, hips, bottom and thighs twice a day during the first three months to help prevent the appearance of stretch marks.  This is exactly what my daughter did and I can testify she doesn't have a single stretch mark.

The Bio Oil moisturises and maintains the elasticity of the skin.  This oil should be applied dry skin directly after bathing or showering, and allowed to fully absorb before getting dressed. This can take a little time to happen but it is important to follow this rule to allow the oil to fully absorb. The typical time for the oil to absorb was around 4-5 minutes.

Bio Oil Reviews Stretch Marks - Is It Safe for use during pregnancy?

It is important to understand the ingredients and elements of Bio Oil before you can make this important decision.  Let's look at the main ingredients that impact on pregnancy to give you a full understanding.

Vitamin A 
Vitamin A has recently been reviewed as being potentially hazardous to the health of the foetus.  This is true if taken orally in very large quantities by the mother to be.  It is extremely difficult for high concentrations of vitamin A to penetrate the body via the skin, and as such is of less concern. The level of vitamin A in Bio-Oil is far lower than that which could ever be harmful if applied topically.

This oil is similar to Vitamin A above and again the levels in Bio Oil are small and and are of little concern, unless taken in large amounts orally.

The other three oils lavender, calendula and chamomile are also all considered safe for use throughout pregnancy.

Do Not Use on Episiotomy Scars of Perineal Massages

Episiotomy Scars 
You should never apply Bio Oil directly to an eoisiotomy scar as this is an open wound.  Bio Oil does contain a low level of fragrance and as such is not s sterile product and should therefore never be applied to any open wound. (For those unsure what this is, it is the small cut made around the vagina sometimes during birth)

Perineal Massage
Again you should never use Bio Oil for a perineal massage for the same reasons listed above in the episiotomy scars. (For those of you who are unsure this is massaging the area of skin between the vagina and rectum)

It is completely safe to use Bio-Oil on the body while breast feeding, but it is not recommended for use on the nipples.  Bio Oil is a non-toxic product but young babies are extremely sensitive and should under no circumstances ingest even the tiniest amount of Bio Oil.

Bio Oil Reviews Stretch Marks in detail

Bio Oil Reviews for stretch marks
I shall begin with my own daughter's review and then follow up with a few I found on Amazon customers and on various forums.  
The interesting thing I found about these was that I literally only found one review that was poor.  Every other single review was really very good.

My daughter said,
"I used this oil as it told me to on the instructions and I don't have a single sign of a stretch mark.  My friend told me about it and I have told three others and they all say the same thing.  It's great and dries in about 3-4 minutes."
Amazon Review One
“Throughout my entire pregnancy, I covered myself in Bio-Oil and it really worked – I didn’t get any visible stretch marks! I have also seen a difference in the appearance of my existing ones even though they’re nearly a full 15 years old!”
Amazon Review Two
"From very early on in my pregnancy (around 5 weeks) I started using Bio-Oil two times a day. I loved the way it made my skin feel. My daughter Emily is 5 months old already and I’m still using it! As for the appearance of any stretch marks I’m happy to report that I didn’t get a single one. Bio-Oil was amazing! I was the first of my friends to fall pregnant, so now I’m telling them all about it.”
Amazon Review Three
I am seven and a half months pregnant with my first baby and have been using Bio-Oil since my mum told me about it five months ago. I am delighted to report that I have no stretch marks. I also developed some unattractive blotches on my face during the pregnancy. I tried everything imaginable before, once again, Bio-Oil came to my rescue and I am extremely pleased that after such a short time the marks look visibly better."

Summary of Bio Oil Reviews Stretch Marks

I am critical or products but there is little doubt in my head that this Bio Oil works for stretch marks and I have seen the physical evidence for myself.  I appreciate many products, especially Health and Beauty Products are over hyped and expensive.

This one however seems to do what it says, and the testimonies that I have heard and seen confirm the value of the product.  The theme hat goes through all these testimonials is that the product works very well if you follow the instructions and apply regularly.

Older Pregnancy Stretch Marks

These are of course harder to move simply due to their age, but even here there is reported success.  The reviews I have read and that is well over 500 showed success across a range of scarring or various skin conditions.  Around 50 of these reviews were from people who had stretch marks from a previous birth, from being overweight and from some teenagers who had a quick growth spurt.

For the teenagers the Bio Oil seemed to work quickly, probably due to the age of the skin and its elasticity. For the people with previous stretch marks, the Bio Oil appeared to make a significant difference.  In some cases they disappeared entirely and for others there was a remarkable improvement.  I couldn't find a review that said it did nothing for older stretch marks. Here is a more detailed article on older stretch marks.

Research has shown that around 86% of women are liable to get stretch marks during pregnancy, particularly in the later months as the tummy is stretched.