Tuesday, 18 January 2011

Bio Oil Consumer Reviews & Ratings

I have investigated quite a few bio oil consumer reviews and pulled them together in this article. My name is Carol Manse and I have conducted some very extensive research into this oil on behalf of consumers. I see so many products that are over hyped and over sold, that I feel it is just better to be as honest as you can with people. When this oil first came to market, there was quite a lot of hype about what the product could actually do. It was supposed to be able to work on scars, acne scars, stretch marks, skin tones and various other skin problems.

Now I ask you if all this were true, then I am guessing there would be many people wanting to buy this skin care oil. Let’s have a quick look at the ingredients that actually make up Bio Oil.

bio oil consumer ratings

Bio Oil Reviews - What Are The Ingredients?

Bio Oil contains Vitamins A and E, Calendula oil, Lavender oil, Rosemary Oil, Chamomile oil and the most important ingredient which is PurCellin Oil.  

This trademarked PurCellin oil acts as a delivery system for Bio Oil's other ingredients, which they claim dramatically improves the application and the way it spreads into the skin.  

It does this by reducing the thickness of the formulation.  They claim it absorbs easily and is non-greasy, suitable for all ages, with no preservatives.

So now at least you know exactly what Bio Oil ingredients are contained inside Bio Oil and I can also assure you that these have all been thoroughly tested and nothing harmful was found so that is reassuring.

It is a natural skin care product and the only additive is the PurCellin which is also a natural product.
ratings for bio oil

Actual Consumer Reviews on Bio Oil

A great place to find customer reviews on Bio Oil is the Amazon website. Many hundreds of people there have bought the Bio Oil product and then have taken the time to do full reviews as to how effective or not this oil has been in dealing with their particular skin problem. We will look at these as I have summarised these below:

Amazon use a review rating system of 1 to 5 stars with 5 stars being the best.  Bio Oil is listed as one of their biggest selling products and people do leave some excellent and detailed reviews.  I found a total of 517 reviews which are broken down as follows:

Rating  Votes
·        5 Star   251
·        4 Star   118
·        3 Star    60
·        2 Star    45
·        1 Star    43
As a percentage this would then be as follows:

·        5 Star 49%
·        4 Star 23%
·        3 Star 12%
·        2 Star 9%
·        1 Star 8%

There are numerous bio oil reviews here as you can see and it is pretty difficult to argue with these findings with half of the users giving Bio Oil a "5 Star" rating.  

By any standard this level of customer satisfaction is impressive and one that most companies would be very proud of.  Only 8 people out of every 100 gave it a 1 Star rating.

72% of buyers rating the Bio Oil product at 4 or 5 Stars and this is a very good review. They are of course independent reviews placed at Amazon so they have not been solicited in any way. I especially like these types of bio oil consumer reviews as they come from real users and give a good breadth of opinion. I also find that when people spend money on a product, they are more inclined to be really honest, than someone participating in a free trial.

Other Market Research Into Bio Oil

In addition to this I personally know a lot of people who have bought and used this product and it is their feedback that I listen to rather than some marketing or sale's waffle. The users include both of my daughters, a good number of my friends and of course I use this myself.

I have also researched the Internet as extensively as I can to obtain a true detailed picture about this product. These included a range of bio oil consumer reviews from various Health forums and related websites..  

I did this to fully understand if the product was as good as what it said it was and also to understand what it would work on and what it wouldn't have any impact on.  

Clearly all of the reviews I have mentioned so far cover a wide range of skin conditions. The oil seemed to work really well for fresh stretch marks if applied regularly and consistently over a 3-month period.

This was certainly very true for both my daughters. 60% of users on Amazon said that it helped greatly if not eliminated their stretch marks altogether which was a surprise to me.

The results on acne scars were a mixed bag, with some people claiming fantastic results and others saying that the oil had little or no impact on any scarring they had. It became very clear during this research that it was certainly a lot more difficult to remove older scars.

Quite a number of people used this to help with what is termed different facial tones. Around 25% of those loved it so much that they started using Bio oil as their choice of moisturiser. Another 23% said it made no difference at all, and the remainder stated that it helped a little.

As a general review though my conclusion and findings would be that Bio Oil certainly works for the majority of people with reference to various types of scar treatment. It seemed to work best on stretch marks, acne scars and then on facial toning.

The younger the scar, then the more effective the oil was in removing it or reducing the appearance of the scars quickly.

I hope that you have found these Bio Oil reviews useful and please read the more detailed articles on this blog for more in-depth understanding of the various scar treatments, products and creams that are available to help with many different types of skin condition.