Tuesday, 18 January 2011

Does Bio Oil Work On Acne Scars?

This is a very good question "Does Bio Oil Work On Acne Scars?"and many people out there are asking this very specific question.  So, based on my research I am getting a lot of different answers.  Many say that bio oil does work on acne scars and just as many say it didn't work on theirs.

I have found in my research across many forums and various chat rooms that there really is a hung jury on this one. Here are a couple of comments from buyers at Amazon just to give you a feel for the difference in opinions:

Comment One

Bio oil worked for me on the minor spot scars on my face, and bigger ones on my arm but it takes patience and applying it often. It took me about 4 months of regular use to fade away my big scars on my face, I used bio oil once at night before I slept (it recommends 3x a day but how can you put oil on your face when you're out in public..shiny-ness!) .. and whenever i knew i had the chance to stay indoors and see nobody, id put it on my face then.

Comment Two

Bio oil is really oily - so I really do advise against putting it on your upper lip to try and heal the scares as it'll just give you another break out - like it did my brother - convinced bio oil would heal spots and fade out the acne! (wrong!! )  However, I have used it on various other scars on my body and its working (after one year - bio oil isn't a quick fix, you have to give it time).My advise would be to leave it and see if the scars will naturally heal on their own or use a fade out cream which can over time heal the area which has been scarred.

Does Bio Oil Work On Acne Scars - Interpretation of The Analysis

So as you can see just from these two comments the reviews do vary from person to person.  The one thing I did find, was that everyone seems to be saying, that it takes time for bio oil to work on acne scars. It would also seem that it takes regular applications. So for those who have the patience to do both, then there is a degree of success.  I guess that comes down to how patient and persistent you are and how much you want to get rid of those acne scars.

I guess when you ask the question about the effectiveness of bio oil on acne scars, it will depend on who you are asking and their interpretation of what that actually means.  I found very few people who stated that the acne scars were completely gone, however, most of the people asked said that they had noticed a substantial improvement in the actual look of the scar.

Understanding Acne Scars
The actual effectiveness of Bio Oil will come down to the type of scars and the age of the person. If someone is older and has had the scars for longer, then it would make sense that they would be harder to diminish. If however they were younger and the scars less aged, then I would expect to see a quicker improvement rate.

Scarring caused by acne happens to a lot of people and the truth is that it is unsightly and people would like to get rid of scarring altogether, or at least to help take the bad look of it. People by nature though are also impatient and want instant results.

The research I have done here, particularly focused on acne scars, leads me to believe that if people follow the full course and apply it as directed, then it will make a difference. The hardest part seems to be getting the time to make the application of the oil twice a day.

Does Bio Oil Work On Acne Scars - User reviews

I have read well over 500 reviews by different people across a wide range of age groups and skin type and it does seem to be used for a variety of reasons.  Many use it for dry skin and some even for a skin moisturiser.  There are not that many I could find that specifically mentioned acne scars, so I have no intention of misleading you.  Of those that I could find it was split almost exactly 50/50.

The video below is one example of what a young lady uses this oil for.

Laboratory Research On Bio Oil & Acne Scarring

Does Bio Oil work on acne scars
The factual information that I have been able to find out is supported by the research information that I have done and assessed.  Bio-Oil will only improve scar appearance and not get rid of it completely.

It does this by reducing the redness over a period of time. However, in April 2002, Union-Swiss commissioned Ayton-Moon, a UK-based product testing consultancy, to conduct an independent user trial on the efficacy of Bio-Oil on the appearance of scars.

Bio Oil Acne Trial Results

  • 82 participants of all ages participated in the 4-week trial, which was conducted from 1 April to 7 May 2002. The participants applied Bio-Oil to the scarred area 3 times daily, massaging in a circular motion until fully absorbed.
  • 82% of those who did this test showed an improvement in scar experience.  There was a drop in this over the age of the scar with 70% saying it was effective for a scar aged between 1-5 years and 54% on a scar aged over 5 years.

This would demonstrate to me that the older the scar, the less improvement is noticeable.  However, it should be noted that irrespective of age of the scar 64% did confirm the scar was less noticeable and 91% said their skin was softer.

At least you now have some more information to help you make your own mind up if bio oil works on acne scars.  For me the oil appears to have some impact and from the research I have done, for those wanting to know just about its impact on acne scars, it would seem to be half and half.

Apologies if this is not clear but you can see that the actual reviews by users are truly a mixed bunch and to say they are anything else would be misleading. The general consensus would be that bio oil does work on acne scars by reducing the appearance of them, but not getting rid of them completely.