Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Bio Oil For Acne - Scars and Scarring Removal

Bio Oil Acne - Reviewed

This article will hopefully give you an understanding if bio oil works for acne scars. Just before I do that I will give you a brief understanding of what causes acne.  In simple terms it is a clogging of the pores. Acne happens when there is a change or increase in hormones within the human body.  That is why acne tends to happen in the teenage years, during the menstrual cycle and quite often in pregnancy.

Bio Oil For Acne Scars
An oil called sebum is produced in larger amounts and mixes with dead skin cells and forms bacteria on the skin surface. This will eventually block the pores. Bacteria will multiply and cause inflammation which will lead to spots or pimples. These spots are called pustules and are associated with acne.

If you have acne don't scrub the face or use heavy make-up. Avoid harsh exfoliators and never pick or squeezing blackheads, white heads, or any type of pimple.  This only drives the infection deeper into the skin which will eventually cause scarring.

There is no quick fix for acne but I would recommend that you pay attention to the following four items. Have a good diet, exercise on a daily basis, try to relax whenever you get the opportunity and then apply treatments for your acne disorder. As you can see from the picture above, it gives a pitted look. This picture shows just the face but many people can suffer from acne all over their body especially on their back.

Does Bio Oil Work Or Help With Acne?

There are a lot of products on the market place at the moment that will help you with the various types of acne. One of those is Bio Oil and I have read quite a number of reviews as to how effective this oil actually is.  It does appear to work well for a great many people but not for everyone.  The type of skin seems to be the determining factor in many cases and also how bad the acne really is.

You can read many reviews at Amazon as to how different people and different skin types will react.  I have included two such reviews just to demonstrate my point.

Good Review

I was very skeptical of trying this product since I have tried so many other fade creams in the past but, after reading the reviews, I decided that I didn't have much to lose. I had four pretty fresh acne scars on my face (about a week old). I applied the oil - it smells fresh and clean and, for an oil, is not that oily - before bedtime and two of my scars were almost completely gone in the morning (and the other two were noticeably diminished)! I applied more in the morning, and 8 hours later, I am seeing even more of an improvement. I have no doubt that all four scars will be completely gone in a week or two (just in time for my boyfriend to come into town :) ). This product truly is a miracle. I was hesitant to try this product since many reviewers claimed that you had to patiently await the desired results. But, if your scars are fresh like mine, I think you will be as pleasantly surprised as I was - only a day later :)

Poor Review

I first bought this product in Jan '07 after reading rave reviews for it online. I suffer from terrible acne scars (some pitted, some superficial) all over my face and heard that this oil was a veritable mircale worker. I have been using it religiously as directed (twice a day for over a year now) and it has made absolutely NO difference to the appearance of my scars whatsover. So as a treatment for scars (both serious and superficial scars) it does absolutely NOTHING and I give it a 1 star as far as scar treatment goes. But it is a great mosturizer and for this function I give it 5 stars. It sinks into my skin and gives it a magical luminosity that no other face mosturizers can.

Bio Oil Acne - Amazon Reviews Summary

So it would seem different results for different people.  Overall on Amazon out of 228 reviews:

  • 88 give it 5 stars 
  • 55 gave it four stars
  • 38 gave it three stars
  • 23 gave it two stars
  • 24 gave it 1 star.

I hope this has helped you understand a lot more about the effectiveness of bio oil for acne scars.

The Impact of Bio Oil On Scars - Researched & Explained

This article deals with the issue of bio oil reducing the bad look of scars. We are probably all familiar with the way that scars develop. We either have pimples which have been scratched, or suffered from a fall or in some way ended up with a cut which bled. Part of the healing process is when a scar develops. This is caused by an increased flow of collagen on the top of the wound.

For the initial point of scarring, the skin and the wound then go through a series of changes. The problem for many is that they just stay there for many years. I myself have scars back as far as my football days which are still slightly visible.

Does Bio Oil Then Help With This Type of Scarring?

The Bio Oil product has been created to improve the appearance of scars, but it will not ever remove them. The manufacturers of Bio Oil don't claim this and the evidence I have read and researched would support this. However, there is clear evidence that it does improve the overall appearance of scars, which has got to be good news.

Again the manufacturers directions should be carefully followed to obtain the best results. The oil should be massaged in a rotating motion into the scar, two times a day, for a period of three months. Please note that on brand new scars which are still tender the oil should only be applied after the wound has healed. Never use bio oil on broken skin!  When I used this, I did the treatment first thing in the morning and last thing at night and once I got into the routine of doing this, it made things a lot easier to do every day.

The following trial was conducted and I have copied the results directly from the manufacturer's site.

Trial Center

proDERM institute for applied dermatological research, Hamburg, Germany.
To assess the efficacy of Bio‑Oil in improving the appearance of scars.
Subjects: 36 female participants (29 Caucasian, 4 Negroid, 3 Latino). Age of participants: 18 to 65. Scar ages: newly formed to 3 years old. Scar locations: abdomen, leg, arm, neck, knee, trunk, upper body.
Double-blind, randomized and placebo controlled. Subjects had matching scars or a scar large enough to allow a half-half scar application and intra-subject comparison. Product applied twice daily for 8 weeks, no additional massaging performed on the target area. Application performed under supervision at regular intervals. Assessments conducted at 0, 2, 4 and 8 weeks. Different scar parameters as defined in the Patient and Observer Scar Assessment Scale (POSAS) were evaluated.
Bio‑Oil is efficacious in improving the appearance of scars. A statistically significant result after only 2 weeks (day 15), evident in 66% of the subjects. After 8 weeks (day 57) 92% of subjects showed an improvement, with the extent of the improvement almost triple that at 2 weeks. A continuous improvement of POSAS over the duration of the study.

I have also read the reviews on Amazon of the people using this product and the results are very similar. This would support the findings of the research above which took place in 2010. I hope this has provided you with some solid information about bio oil scars.

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