Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Bio Oil Before And After

Bio Oil Before And After - Reviewed

This article is about bio oil before and after.  I will share with you a bio oil before and after picture and a video to explain this.  Sometimes it is easier to look and see rather than reading a whole lot of words.  I have attached a picture of stretch marks before and after the application of Bio Oil.  What is interesting about this is that you really should use bio oil during the pregnancy to prevent stretch marks, rather than try to fix them afterwards.

My own daughter used this during her pregnancy and she followed the instructions on the bottle to the letter. From the reviews that I have read, and I mean many hundreds of them, I have found that if you look carefully people do admit to not following the instructions precisely.  It is therefore very important to understand that for this to work you have to use it as recommended by the manufacturers.

Bio Oil Before and After Pictures
The picture above shows the impact of bio oil before and after stretch marks. It does appear to smooth the ridges, improve elasticity and overall improve the general look, which is exactly what the manufacturers say it will do.  My other daughter used it when she was recommended it by a friend.

She does love it and swears by it these days.  The reviews would however suggest that it does not work on older stretch marks and that makes quite a bit of sense.  It is recommended for use on wrinkles, acne, scars and as a general moisturiser.

On one pregnancy forum that I subscribe to there were a number of positive reviews and I could only find one or two that said bio oil didn't work.  In the main however it did and it seemed to work best if used during pregnancy.  I know I might be repeating myself but I just want to make the point that this recommendation is based on actual user evidence and that makes it important.

Here is an independent video which does a fairly honest review.

You can also check out a whole host of reviews on Amazon which will give you even more information to help make your mind up.  Personally I researched a lot of different forums and review sites to get as much information as I could.  The one piece of evidence that became very compelling was that bio oil seemed to work best on stretch marks as a preventative measure during pregnancy. You can also read this page on bio oil for stretch marks as that goes into stretch marks in more detail.

I hope you have enjoyed these bio oil reviews before and after results.