Sunday, 11 September 2011

Bio Oil For Old Stretch Marks

Bio Oil For Old Stretch Marks

A good question I have been asked is does bio oil work for old stretch marks.  To understand this important question and to get a clear answer, the best way to find out is to ask those people who have tried. To do this I conducted various pieces of research around the Internet using actual buyer reviews, health forums and chat rooms where people were discussing various health issues.

These included skin conditions and specifically I researched some pregnancy forums where people were discussing how to deal with the dreaded stretch marks.

There are over 500 reviews on Amazon and around 200 of those talk about stretch marks.  Certainly for those who used Bio Oil during their first pregnancy, the evidence strongly suggests that it does work. Out of these 200 reviews there were around 50 that actually discussed older stretch marks.  These dated anything from a few years old to tens of years old so there was quite a mix of reviews and comments.

Bio Oil for Old Stretch Marks - Detailed Reviews

Bio Oil For older stretch marks
Looking then at the reviews that mention using the oil on older stretch marks there is almost a 50/50 split, with some saying it worked or certainly reduced the marks and the other 50% stating it did nothing to improve them.

I can only assume from these findings a few things. This is actually a pretty common theme as I found exactly the same split when I examined the impact of bio oil on older acne scars.

  1. For the 50% that it worked for they did seem delighted and why shouldn't they.
  2. For the 50% who said that it improved the look of the scarring they did state that they would continue on using it to see if the results got better.

The second point is actually pretty important as the manufacturer states that it does require consistent and regular application over a period of months to get the necessary benefits.

The other point worth noting is that we have to assume that all of those that tried the oil did actually follow carefully the instructions and I am sure there will be those who did and those who didn't. Again this is quite a common theme that you will find when interpreting any type of research. It is always dangerous to assume that people follow instructions carefully and unless tests are carried out under strict laboratory conditions, then it is difficult to know if the results are accurate.

The general point we can learn from this is that there was absolute clear evidence that bio oil worked on young and fresh stretch marks and for older stretch marks, all who used seen initial benefits and would continue to use it and see if they improve.

I hope this helps a little in your understanding of whether you should use bio oil for old stretch marks.