Saturday, 1 October 2011

Does Bio Oil Work For The Face

Bio Oil Uses For The Face 

Bio oil, when used on the face can work in one of three different ways.  The properties of Bio Oil can impact on uneven skin tone, on dehydrated skin and on ageing skin.  I read a very interesting article on a medical university website the other evening as part of my research.  Did you know that our skin starts to age when we hit our mid twenties?

That sacred the pants out of me as I had pushed that well out to the mid thirties or even early forties.  Alas no, the ageing process starts a lot younger than most of us would dare to imagine.  Ageing is also impacted by our genes and known as intrinsic ageing and is also impacted by our environment such as the weather and especially the sun's rays, and is known as extrinsic ageing.

Both of those combined with what we eat, smoking, facial expressions, use of sun beds and a lot of other things means we start to wrinkle earlier than I first thought. The same would apply to any skin and not just that on the face, so keep that in mind.

Bio Oil For Face - Oil Properties

Bio Oil For Face
Carol Manse
The properties of Bio Oil have been proven to work for ageing and also for being a great moisturizer.  Both of these can certainly benefit the face.  This part is important though so please read carefully.  Bio Oil is not a sun cream and should not be treated as one.

If you are applying bio oil put it on first, allow to dry and then apply your normal sun cream. Bio oil for the face should be applied like any good moisturiser but I should advise you that because of the nature of bio oil it takes longer to absorb than normal moisturisers.  that means you do need to make more time in the morning or last thing at night to get this done.

It is however something that is well worth considering and something that is becoming more popular.  Bio oil has won many awards for its products and we know there is clinical evidence to show that it works. I have been using it myself as a moisturiser for almost a year and I have noticed significant improvements in the softness of my skin and it has a much healthier glow to it.

Bio Oil For Face -The Evidence

Anything where there is evidence and case studies that conclude that Bio Oil can help with the ageing process, help moisturising and even out skin tone has got to be worth a try.  Certainly the reviews I read on Amazon mostly agreed with this, and the worst case scenario was that it acted as a pretty good moisturiser.

There is also clear evidence from a number of clinical trials and case studies that Bio Oil works well for a large number of skin and tonal issues. That is the main reason that I started to use it on my own face and I know it is working well for me. My daughters also use it and they like it but they don't like the length of time that you have to wait for it to dry.

This is certainly a draw back so if you are considering it, I would start off using it in the evenings while watching television before going to bed.  That way you can get one good strong moisturise of bio oil on your face and let it do its magic.