Sunday, 9 October 2011

Does Bio Oil Work on Stretch Marks

Does Bio Oil Work on Stretch Marks?

The evidence on this one does look pretty compelling and appears to be an overwhelming yes.  You may have seen in my introduction that my daughter used Bio Oil during her pregnancy and there is not even the hint of a single stretch mark.  She puts that all down to using Bio Oil as it allowed her skin to stretch and retain its elasticity. So if you ask her does bio oil work on stretch marks it would be a resounding yes.

The other reviews on Amazon would support this as well and there are very few who stated it didn't work in any way at all.  Most of those were from people with old stretch marks, and even they said the marks showed signs of improvement after using this oil.

Does Bio Oil Work on Stretch Marks - A Survey

A survey carried out by the manufacturers, so one always has to be wary of that, but it was published independently and conducted independently.  This took place in 2010 and they surveyed 38 ladies ageing from 18 to 65 and covered pregnancy, weight reduction and  growth spurts.  It also covered a range of ethnic ladies to give a better output.

The findings showed that after 15 days 95% had shown a marked improvement and after 8 weeks 100% had showed a marked improvement.

This does show us one very important thing that Bio Oil needs to be regularly applied and over a long period of time.  According to all the research I have looked at, this seems to be the key to success and the reviews all show this.  Consistency and for a lengthy period of time seem to obtain excellent results.

It would seem appropriate to state that although bio oil was designed to deal specifically with scars, that it does seem to work best on stretch marks.  The general tone and feedback from consumers who use the product and are asked the question does bio oil work on stretch marks is a very positive message.

Since writing this article my other daughter has also given birth to a beautiful grand daughter.  Based on advice from her big sister she also used Bio Oil during her own pregnancy and yet again, there is no sign of any stretch marks at all. That is good enough proof for me as that is both my daughters getting exactly the same great results.