Saturday, 7 April 2012

Bio Oil For Hair

Using Bio Oil For Hair Improvement

Quite a number of people have asked me here on the blog if bio oil works on hair?  As you can imagine that is a pretty wide question so I thought I should go into this in some detail. Dumb as this may sound remember bio oil is indeed an oil so if you already suffer from any oily hair issues then you should avoid putting any more oil anywhere near your hair.

If you are considering using bio oil for hair then my strong advice is not to use it if you have to already wash your hair every one or two days. The last thing you ever want to do is add oil to hair that is naturally oily.

So let's examine then if bio oil is any good for other hair types. Remember also that bio is designed to work on dry skin and although the scalp is of course skin, your hair isn't and bio oil was not designed to be initially used on your hair.

On many of the forums however people have tried this.  I haven't so can only go on what has been said on the forums for this review. What I discovered was that some people apply this directly to the hair and others warmed the oil and applied and massaged it into the scalp.

Be careful if you are doing this as the scalp is highly sensitive so never apply very hot oil there.  It should be warm to the touch and never roasting hot.  Many of the users had also tried olive oil in the past and it does replace nutrients that are effective for shine and restoration of texture.

Did Bio Oil Work on Hair?

The simple answer is that I could find little or no evidence that the normal bio oil that is effective on stretch marks and scarring would do anything to enhance your hair.  I did however find many people talking about how brilliant a product called Bio Oil Silicone Treatment Solution for Damaged Hair did work.  It is an Italian product and it would seem works well as a conditioner. I think the name gives us a clue though as this particular oil has some pretty amazing reviews.  There is also a Bio Oil Hair Mask that helps prevent breakage and split ends.

They seem to work better if it is rubbed in first and left overnight. Sadly that would mean sleeping with your hair in a towel to avoid staining pillow cases etc.

Bio Oil Hair Silicone Treatment

I have actually tried this one and I like it.  It is just under $13 for a 1 oz bottle and that goes a fairly long way.  It is applied after washing and a gentle towel dry and applied to both hair and scalp.  I noticed after about 4-6 uses that my hair was indeed softer and had a very healthy shine. It certainly works for me.  I haven't had the need to use the Hair Masking product and as yet I have not seen any other reviews but I will of course update this blog when I do.

I hope you have enjoyed this article on bio oil for hair.